Healthy Snack: Baked Chickpeas

I love this snack since the moment I heard about it. It’s super easy to do and it’s ideal to substitute all those crunchy snacks we like to have while watching series or catching up with friends after a long working week. Continue reading Healthy Snack: Baked Chickpeas


Why We Crave Chocolate Under Stress

Sweet foods can actually be a quick-fix for stress, because it gives us comfort and a good feeling. The problem is, again, when we are exposed to stress for a long period of time and we keep insisting on a quick-fix approach to stress, like having that chocolate piece of cake or a whole tablet of chocolate. This solution doesn’t work in the long run, because even though dopamine keeps being released, we become more and more intolerant to sugar’s effect, needing thus increasing doses of sugar to achieve that same “good feeling” we felt before. Continue reading Why We Crave Chocolate Under Stress

A Poppy Apparel’s Dress That Will Flatter Every Woman in The New Year

I personally did spend the last two months looking for something special to wear during Christmas and the New Year’s eve. Now it’s fairly easier to find clothes that fit me but most of the time there is still the problem of find something that is not only attractive to our eyes but also flattering. So thinking about this and to celebrate the fact that I am now Poppy Apparel Ambassador I picked a dress that I know for sure that can and will flatter every woman. And how do I know that? I will explain it to you, but first let me show you ‘the’ dress. Continue reading A Poppy Apparel’s Dress That Will Flatter Every Woman in The New Year

3 Top-Tips: When Flying Internationally

One of my stress peaks is when they have to scan your stuff and you need to take off clothes and shoes. It’s not such a big thing but when you are in a queue of people, you can feel the stress of waiting for your turn and the cold treatment you get once you reach airport security.  Therefore I started to think about ways to reduce the time I need to spend in such environment and here are my three top-tips on it: Continue reading 3 Top-Tips: When Flying Internationally